My Purpose

I don't know how I got so lucky. Finding my purpose at 17 years old has been the most fulfilling journey.

My passion for the psychology behind interior design is what motivates me. I've been called to make people feel safe and comfortable in their homes through my furniture and home decor designs.

My gratitude for my customers and supporters is endless. I pray everyday that the people who are meant to find my brand, do just that.

- Vanessa Rogers

The Heart Behind the Brand

I intentionally use an earth toned color palette to evoke balance, comfort, prosperity, and serenity in your homes. As humans, we tend to gravitate towards earth tones, which makes them timeless and easy to implement into any space.

I'm here to help you curate a home that is unique. Every piece is handmade and poured in small batches. Your piece is uniquely made for you.

Your guests will definitely ask "Where did you get that?!"

Find your piece