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“already something” nesting table

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Tall table - L: 16” x W: 11.5 x H: 20”

Short table - L: 16” x W: 11.5 x H: 16.5”


each table top is personally drawn and cut out into shapes that reflect the swirls you’d find in Van Gogh’s work. I’ve collaborated with the talented artist Mariah @mariiahgrace, who painted each table top, infusing them with the same enchanting brushstrokes and vibrant colors that characterize the original artwork.

each table top has been coated with four layers of high-quality epoxy resin. this not only enhances the colors and textures, but also provides a glossy and durable finish, making these tables resistant to everyday wear and tear.

the set includes two tables of different sizes that nest perfectly within each other. whether you choose to display them together or separately, these tables will add a touch of artistic flair to any room.

combining craftsmanship, artistic expression, and functional design, this set will surely elevate the ambiance of your space. Let this handmade design inspire conversations and admiration for years to come.


payment plans available. for any additional information or questions please fill out the form on my “CONTACT” page.